Ultimate Watch Dog - Ubot Studio File Recovery Tool


Hey Guys,

Safdar Abbas here, let me keep it short and sweet. I would like to present a new tool which will make your coding life easier and helps you to easily recover lost data files and takes on-time schedule backups in few clicks and steps!

Recovery Manager

Files you have lost are often still present on your hard drive and can be recovered using Ultimate Watch Dog.
File Recovery Manager is a reliable and practical single-function application for recovering lost ubot studio files on your system.

Simple & safe to recover all lost data in few clicks.

File Recovery Manager Features

  1. Recover Multiple ubot files
  2. Custom File name / Random File name
  3. Low CPU And Memory Usage.

File Backup Manager

Backup Manager creates scheduled backup of ubot studio files and helps to avoid any unnecessary headaches and lost hours of hard work.

File Backup Manager Features

  1. Backup ubot files
  2. Schedule Backups
  3. Incremental Backups With TimeStamp
  4. DropBox Support
  5. Custom File name / Random File name
  6. Low CPU And Memory Usage
  7. AutoHide To Task Manager

Ultimate Watch Dog - File Recovery Manager Ultimate Watch Dog - File Backup Manager
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Terms of Services and Refund Policy

Please contact us at support@ultimateubotplugin.com or pm on ubot studio forum with your verified paypal id and we will send u an invoice and all details how to get the software. For any technical support you can contact us on skype. Skype ID : rx2pills

P.S. 2 machines are allowed to install under one License.