Googe NoCaptcha reCaptcha Plugin - Ultimate Captcha Plugin for Ubot Studio


Hey Guys,

Safdar Abbas here, let me keep it short and sweet. I would like to present a new plugin which will make your coding easier and helps you to easily solve all type of captchas including Google No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA as simple as few clicks and steps!

Enhance the power and capability of ubot studio stealth and enable you to code/ automate many websites based on



  1. Just load the required url
  2. Click the check box
  3. Call the plugin with your credentials.

That's it !!!

Your captcha will be solved automatically, you need not to do anything, all the hard work and heavy coding  has already been done in background within the plugin.

Here is a video preview  and see how simple it is to solve Google No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA. No need of any other commercial plugin.


This Plugin Supports all Services like 2captcha, Imagetyperz and DeathByCaptcha, works on both versions of ubot studio as well as you can use it in a multi threaded environment.


Limited Time Offer

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